Today I realized we are three weeks to Christmas.  Santa had better get his act in gear because those gifts will not wrap themselves and walk under the tree.  I tried to get a few things at Wal-Mart with the twins today but they are much more savvy than Tyler was at that age.  I am hoping a trip to Toys R Us tomorrow evening may get the ball rolling.  Janine will be my inspiration.  Plus I have girls night out on Friday night for dinner so that gives me light at the end of the tunnel. 

Today we celebrated the twin’s birthday (yet again) with Colleen and Shelly. They got them the neatest gifts.  Micky got a Tinker Bell chair for her room and a game.  Joey got cool walkie talkies and a game.  He was having a blast running around the house talking into them.  He does not quite have the concept down but lucky for us he talks loud enough so we just answer him.  He thinks it is magical that we can hear him.  Too funny! Dance_girl

I have been busy every night at my desk creating.  This is  such a busy time of year and I have many deadlines before Christmas.   I want to do something creative for a couple Christmas gifts but I have decided I need 48 hours in the day in order to get all I want done.  Plus, my friend Julie sent me pictures of baby Jaden to scrapbook.  I cannot wait to do some pages for his baby album.  What an honor.  Sleep is so over-rated!

I won’t be sharing a lot until after Christmas but I did do this simple layout for Micky’s dance picture.