Today Kelly and I lugged ourselves out to the mountain for a nearly 6 mile hike.  We figured this would be a good way to kick start our healthy kick to the holidays.  The weather was perfect and of course the company was nice too.  Listening to Kelly complain is always a fun way to start your morning.  Actually, this longer hike was her suggestion so don't let her complaining fool you. 
PB031006  PB031016   
PB031018   PB031019   

The view from the top was breath-taking as always.  I always enjoy showing this view off to someone for the first time.  
PB031022 PB031030 
PB031032 PB031033  
PB031028 PB031024

And just so you all know I am on to Kelly now and how she positions herself in photos.  She always leans back so her head looks smaller and I look like a bobble head!  See if I ever include her in my self-portrait shoots again.  Thanks for the hike Kelly!