Do you ever feel like everything you go into is cluttered or things are missing???? It was driving me crazy (literally!)  I have blown up at everyone this week including the kids and Pete.  It just seemed like every medication was expired and every game piece we have was chasing me or clinging to my toes.  So I took control today.  Pete took the kids (after my last fit) and I started in Tyler’s room.  Joey also made the big room into Tyler’s room so they are roommates.  For now they are excited.  It was cute seeing Joey wearing his boxer shorts copying his big brother.  Then I removed all the stuffed animals (a.k.a. dust collectors), misc. toys, old/worn/outgrown clothes and bagged them all up to donate.  After about 6 donation bags and 6 bags of garbage I ran into town to immediatly give the things (don’t want those kids seeing the evidence).  Meanwhile I paid to have my house cleaned so I could get a grip.  All bedding is cleaned, rooms are settled and I am in a peaceful place.   I have been begging Pete to clean his corner so I even took control of that.  I put it all in a rubbermaid container for him to go through.  Sooner or later he will get to it and meanwhile I don’t have to look at it.  I am ready to get those new school clothes in.  After consolidating things Tyler even has an empty toy box.  I was doing puzzles today and anything with a piece gone was junked.  Boy that felt good.  Thank heavens my mom passed on that "no clutter" mentality to me.  Now we will just see how long that lasts.

I even set up a spa day for my friend and I for Sunday.  I cannot wait!  I got a gift certificate for a massage and facial for my birthday and have had no time to use it.  Sunday is our day!  I will be getting a much needed massage and my first facial.  I cannot wait.  I am lining up those books and magazines for the pool. 

I now plan on passing out apologies to the family for going off the deep-end and hope they can keep things clean for at least a day or so.  The never-ending cycle of chaos continues.