Who would have thought that 4" X 4" restuarant coasters could become such works of art but that is what just happened with the recent swap that I hosted.  It was a great way to share artist expressions of yourself and it was amazing. 

Here are the coasters that came my way and I want to thank everyone who participated!



Here are the ones I made for all three groups….




The best way for me to share this swap is via a slide show so you can see all the amazing pieces I got to see….VIEWED HERE:




What a complete honor to bring all these Artists together to share their hearts and work….Stay tuned for details on the next Swap!  For those who have asked I do have extra coasters for sale and will post a link shortly.  I am excited to have made this my next class locally at Stamping Details.  Details are HERE.

Never will I look at another plain coaster again the same way!  It was the perfect medium for some beautiful pieces!


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