Sandusky, Ohio here we come!  Cedar Point Baby!  At 7 am we headed out in the Up-Lander and headed South to Cedar Point.  My Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Tyler and I were excited to take this park by storm and we did.  This is one of those days that can be best shown with a slide show so if you care to see our fun……….

At the end of the day there was one Roller Coaster that looked ever so daunting but I have this philosophy "When in Rome do as the Romans Do".  That means if I ever get to New Zealand or Rome and they eat deep fried leather shoe as a cuisine than I would probably give it a go.  So with Christine I loaded on the Dragster………just some facts:

  • Track Length – 2800 ft
  • Height – 420′
  • Angle of the lift hill – 90 degrees
  • Vertical drop – 400′
  • Angle of Descent – 90 degrees
  • Launch speed – 120 mph (in less than 4 seconds)
  • Drop speed – 120 mph

Here is a little visual comparison:

I was very unsure and just so you know I have no real interest in plummeting to my death nor breaking any land speed records.  I wondered why I would do this but you only live once.  Might as well go out with my feet running in the sand………..
P8150580 P8150581
P8150582 Here we are at the top!

I have some great shots on the coasters that I bought and will share once I scan from home.  Thanks Aunt Audrey, Uncle Larry and Christine for a day that Tyler and we not forget.  We love you!