A couple of weeks ago when our county was undergoing this…


The kids had “fire days” which are similar to snow days but a lot hotter and scarier.  During that time the twin’s took that time to work on their end-of-the-year country projects!  I was involved with this once before so now was ready for it two times over.  They both wanted to paint their flags on the background so to the DecoArt Wall ‘O Paint they went to (it sure helps that Mom is an Artist):


I was happy to help out and get them started.  Joey had Jamaica and we used DecoArt Americana Colors:  Kelly Green, Bright Yellow and Lamp Black….


and Micky had Ecuador which we used DecoArt Americana Colors:  Primary Yellow, Calico Red, and True Blue for the perfect flag…..


Really proud of how great they did…..

Jamaica1 Ecuador1

and looking back all three of these country projects I was proud to help out on…(although do not think for a second I did not try to bribe Micky to use Tyler’s board since they had the same country).


As for me….the art part was fun.  The cooking samples of Jerk Chicken and fried Plantains for 150 people not so much!


and when all was said and done in San Diego county….the fires cleared we were left with this…


Ever thankful for the time with the kids and ever ready for them to go back to school!  Thanks DecoArt for amazing products in an array of colors!  I am proud to work with them!  Back  to the Studio for this Artist and Mom!