Today we saw some real progress on the home front remodel.  Dsc_9708Our painter painted our accent wall (Color – Merlot)  in the dining room and living Dsc_9714room and he painted the fire place.  I absolutely love the colors and am not regretting any of them.  It makes the house look so different.  He needs to do one more coat of the Merlot paint tomorrow.  We also made progress by ordering our counter-tops.  With Pete home we were able to decide on the color of our counters and the tile floor.  He said to just pay for it and get it ordered.  Oh that felt good.  I just love progress!  Still lots more to go but really love what we have done so far.

Today I also spoke with the person who I made the wedding album for.  She said it was a huge hit and was the talk of the party.  Oh boy did that make my day.  I was so happy that the groom and bride loved it and my friend who hired me to do it was so happy.  Phew. 

I have been spreading myself a bit thin of late and really need to pull in all the things I volunteer for.  Every day is filled with activities and by the time I get into my office at night to be creative I am just spent.  Something has to give.  I am getting ready to hang that post-it note on my nose that says "booked for the next 3 months" or stick some lead weights on my helium arm. 

I do have a deadline for FiberMark and did do these layouts:Lead_strong_1 Sweet_little_girl_2

Tomorrow is a realatively light day but hoping that Tyler is feeling ok.  He had a low grade fever tonight and was not feeling that good.  Oh well, if he stays home that is why I am a stay-at-home-mommy.  Wednesday I have a family booked for family photos.  I so hope the temperature drops for that since it was 90 degrees today!