Yesterday we went on our mini summer getaway.  We decided last minute to try and fit in a night at Coronado and it was so great.  Dsc_4852_3We took off mid-afternoon and spent the night in a hotel on the beach.  It is so great! Our cell phones even went dead so no calls or anything.  It is such a nice getaway.  The kids played at the park right on the beach outside our room and we had two nice days on the beach.  I just love this time because it is quick and easy to pack up, fast to get there and such a short ride home.  The family even indulged me and let me pull out the camera. Dsc_4782_1  Having those military privileges are so nice too.  I got up early this morning and worked out at their top-notch facility.  I could have stayed there all day but we wanted one more day on the beach. Dsc_4867_1 Between the boogie board and the sand toys the kids stayed entertained while I read.  How can you beat that! 

Now we are back to reality….6 loads of laundry, responsibilities and Pete has his shoulder surgery tomorrow.  Praying and hoping that all goes well tomorrow.