Sometimes I don’t post for two days and I feel like I have two years of stuff to up-date.  Dsc_7762Starting yesterday, the twins had their Open House for school.  They looked Dsc_7766so cute getting ready and were so excited to see their teachers.  I am so proud of how much they love school and really are good buddies.  Micky has decided she wants to be "Michaela" year to learn how to spell her whole name while Joey is eliminating the complexity of it all and will be "JoJo".  This way he only needs to learn those two letters.  Gotta love how different they are.  Tomorrow they are officially on their own Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  This will give me three hours to get some things done.  So tomorrow morning I drop off all three kiddies at 8:30 am….yippee. 

I have been burning the midnight oil doing work for Diecuts With A View.  They are having another QVC airing and need Dsc_7823_1 layouts.  I did this cool tin album for them:  Fall Fun.  Click here to see the whole album.  I did the whole thing last night and did not got to bed until 2:30 am.  That is far too late when I have to get up at 6:30 am. I was stoked because PaperArt emailed me for one the of the cards (Happy Birthday Card) I made for publication.  This will be my first card published.  Then Alli called and said she saw one of the Marvy ads with my layout in it in a Creating Keepsakes Idea Book.  I have yet to have Creative Keepsakes publish my work but I am determined to make it happen.  I don’t count that since it was one of the companies I work for and it was one of their idea books.  Oh well, something to strive for.

Today was another incredibly busy day.  I started at the gym, Home Depot came to give a paint bid and then tonight was Back to School Night.  So far I am quite happy with all the PTA activities. Dsc_7831 I am watching the helium arm though and pulling it back a bit.  They had a silent auction.  One basket caught my eye because it had a 3 month gift certificate to the gymnastics gym that Micky goes to.  I figured I would be paying the gym $135 for three months so decided to bid on the basket.  I got it for $120 so not only will I be saving $15 but I got a bunch of cool goodies.  It was like Christmas here tonight for the kids.  They were so excited. 

I had planned on a nap prior to the school activity but instead I got a call from my good friend in Michigan.  Her and her husband are in the process of adopting a baby.  Well, the baby (a baby boy) came early and they are dealing with many medical issues but long story short….the baby is so blessed to have them as parents and I am thinking of them on their road ahead.  Someone said "God has a plan for the baby but many parents are accidental parents".   They will be wonderful.  I talked to her for awhile because today was a very hard day for her….she is crash-coursing into motherhood.  Three weeks ago the idea came up and today she was in the NICU praying for his health.  I am so happy for them and know they are all blessed. 

Phew…..did all that happen in two days?  Can I possibly keep this up?  I better get over to that scrapbook table and wrap up a few more things.  I need to mail two layouts to FiberMark for Memory Trends.  In one month I will be in Las Vegas!