I saw this and posted it on Facebook:


It has been a task for me and oh boy has my life changed from a year ago.  Taking stock in the leaps and changes that I made….I created.  I had a friend message me:

"….how did you/do you balance your job, with your art job, with your kids??!! I just feel like I am dying inside, working just to pay bills etc, its not making me happy…."

I just started typing Tracy's crazy words of advice:

"I fall apart most nights (ok not really but a glass of wine does wonders) wondering if I am getting it all right. 1 year ago I changed jobs, had bills and had to just leap a bit.  Plus I wanted to be at home with my kids as much as possible. I have a teenager sucking the life out of me right now so please don't think it is all happy.  

BUT……..I did it. One year later I work from home most days so I can still do my most important job of being a mom. I earn a living AND I paint. Some people thought this painting deal was nuts some still do and what the heck am I doing….I had to make some leaps…thankfully my parents offered their support (which I can proudly say I nevered needed).  I was thankful for that safety net.  But I had to get my own medical…sacrifice and those who are not supportive…well adios.  

I want to make a difference in other's lives…..and practice what I preach. Live my truth.  Remember that you are strong and only you can make changes.
Small Steps…on the side look for another job.  It may not be a leap you need but small changes"

We chated for awhile and shared.  I ended it with:

"if you do nothing..nothing will happen."  

Sometimes we are forced to do something.  You hit a wall and you have no choice.  Or you mold it as you go along.  This chat made me take stock in my moment, what I am creating/   I am always re-adjusting my sails to find my wind.  

 I bought this journal and have been debating what to do with it.  I wanted it for something special and I think I know now.

so of course I had to buy the $8 matching napkins!


 Feeling inspired……….time to go Create a Life!


"Today is a new beginning; treat it that way.  Stop thinking about what might have been and starting looking at what can be. Say to yourself: “Dear Past, thank you for all the life lessons you have taught me.  Dear Future, I am ready now!”  Because a great beginning always occurs at the exact moment you thought would be the end of everything."