Sometimes you have those moments in art where there is a deep connection.  It feels right and you had no idea that was inside of you and needed to be expressed.   I saw this image early in June and I just thought this image represented so much.  I love the message and reposted it.

Yesterday  I woke up with the colors of the rainbow running around in my head.  I started my work day early and after my first 6 am phone call I decided to pull out my paint brush and just paint a rainbow……(I mean who does not love a good rainbow).

Something so simple connected with me…..and I love that art does that.

Every Wednesday I am LIVE  on my Facebook Page with a free demo.  Last night those rainbows were still running through my head.  Here is the piece that I created LIVE and it was direct from my heART.  I literally felt emotional at the end of my sharing (it’s such an amazing and vulnerable feeling).  If you missed it LIVE you can see it HERE:

Art has the way of sending a message, making connections and bringing people together.  It evokes so many emotions and that is what I love about it so much.  When you can create from your heART and expose that vulnerability it is magical.  Thanks to those who share that magic with me.

It sure feels great to share and find little pieces of me returning through that creative process.  I hope you feel that too.  Share those rainbows and tag me!