Five years ago someone said to me “Create the life of your dreams”.  At that point I did not even know what my dreams were let alone trying to work on building those.  Were they material things?  Was it too late to change careers?  Who has time for dreams..I am a MOM!  Thankfully, I took that statement to heart.  I realized that my dreams are a a moving target and evolve and I basically have no control over it.  Yes, I can take steps forward, wake up, do the “right” thing, but some dreams I did not even know I had.  I have journals of lists, things to do, a daily To-Do list that would frazzle many but I do what everyone around me tries to do.  I try to live my best life.  Little did I know that in those steps and leaps (or pushes from the cliff) I was doing exactly that!

Am I driving my dream car, nah but I am driving a car.  Do I have that dream bathtub of mine…I have a hot shower every day to get into.  What I have I am so thankful for.  I have a family and extended family I would do anything for and they have been my guiding light toward my dreams.  They have been the ones to push me forward when I was scared to take a step.  So when I saw this quote on my Seize the Day calendar (thank you Andy) it hit home and inspired me………


and in my art journal I went to find my version of this………..


So as I am mindful of this life and all I have it really a journey where dreams I never even knew I had can and do come true.  For this I start my Saturday of all sports grateful I have this opportunity with my kids and the time with my family.  This morning I had a phone call from an old friend that was awesome.  The car, the bathtub, the materials things are perks but waking up happy and ready to take on the day is really more in align with my dreams.  What I do have is a talent/gift for Art which I want to share so the life I am creating includes just that.

 Loving this view this Saturday morning to start my day.  The rest of the day is kiddos and sports…..I would have it no other way.  For now taking in the peace of the morning.



You will always be missing out on something.  You simply can’t have it all.  Thus, it will always seem like something wonderful might be happening elsewhere.  And that’s OK.  Let it go, and realize you have everything right now.  The best in life isn’t somewhere else; it’s right where you are at this moment.