Saturday morning found me with a very quiet house and a hot cup of hot tea so I decided to do some creative exercise in my art journal as the sun came up…


My beloved journal has taken too much time off so I rewarded myself with some creative “me” time.  I am carrying on in the month of December creating from a place of gratitude.  As we enter into the final month of 2016 it has me thinking of my Word of 2017.  Creating from a place of grace and gratitude means a lot to me.  Every time I open that journal it is a reminder to clear the head, the mind and get in my “zone”.  I hope you are joining me this month with my Creative Challenge. I love seeing the projects everyone is sharing.  I took last Monday’s Mixed Media Monday background and combined it with some Stampendous tag stamps and this is what I came up with……..

Live, Love, Inspire……..


In the midst of creating new videos and projects this month I need that me break.  The tree is up….the decorations are in the attic but that will happen in time.  For now……..back to my tea.


Take that time….we all need it.

Honor yourself, dear friend, and spend some time remembering the little things that are part of who you are. Pick up the guitar for a few minutes, stop and take photos of the field that no one else notices, pull over and stop to get that tea that always makes you happy when you drink it, look up that old band you used to love and find some of their songs, find a magazine at the library about that hobby that you gave up, or a biography about that person that you admire. Honor and feed your you-ness.  We live in a world that tries to make us all the same when there are little things that make us so very different. Honoring and doing THOSE LITTLE THINGS are the things that will truly make your heart sing.”