Along with Moving My Rear in March I am also exercising my creative muscles.  This does not take long at all and I am loving the freedom to just experiment in my 5.5 X 8.5 art journal (I take it everywhere)!

trying out new flowers…



playing with old toys like my watercolor pencils…



and being inspired by flowers I see along my walks

Photo 3



I am not sharing the steps as I really am just playing and want to focus on that.  If you see a page or idea you want me to recreate on Mixed Media Monday’s just let me know!

Spring is in the air and in the hair as that is lightening up too!



Time to exercise those creative muscles!  Have a most awesome weekend and I hope the signs of Spring are happening for you too!  I am excited to spring those clocks forward to we have more daylight!

“Don’t sweat the small stuff today.  Don’t let stupid little daily frustrations interfere with your relationships.  Just do the best you can.  Live simply.  Love generously.  Speak honestly.  Work diligently.  Then let go and let what’s meant to be, BE.”