Thank you to Debbie Cole for asking me to share some favorite painting projects and techniques with your lovely group.  My favorite technique is a blend of mixed media, decorative painting and stamping!  I love when creative worlds collide in such a cool way.   Here is one of my favorite pieces that recently shared…..a 7″ X 7″ Wood Framed Wall Decor piece:


The technique I loved on this one was stamping my images in a mixed medium piece.  A lot of people tell me they cannot draw nor paint (which I know they really can if they let themselves go a bit).  I incorporated my doodles into stamps last year (Totally Tracy Stamps) and now use them on a variety of projects.  I use them as a pattern of sorts and by stamping them on deli paper I can pre-arrange the pieces.  Here is this piece in photos…

Sign4 Sign5

I loved the flow of the creative process and have a time lapse video of it HERE:

I created this 12 ” x 12″ wood panel the same way….this project with video will be featured in Interactive Artist Magazine coming up in June:


Totally Tracy Stamps can be purchased HERE and more inspiration can be found on my Studios Facebook Page:  Thanks for visiting and thanks Debbie!

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