I have a degree from a top ten university I worked hard for and am proud of. I loved working in construction for a number of years but always knew that there was a creative person in me dying to come out.  Many ask how I got involved with my job today and I say by a lot of hard work.  I knew long ago even in that construction job when I would leave on a Friday to crop at the local scrapbook store that this industry held my heart and I wanted to be part of it.

I took that opportunity when I had the twins and quit my job. I never looked at it as quitting my career……..I shifted careers. I had no idea know where that decision was taking me but today I have this opportunity to be creative, paint a picture, glue things together that make me happy and more important now share (now teach!) what I love.

People used to ask what I do and I would use the word scrapbooker, designer but would shy away from it.  What is the word for what I do?….Who has an easy time saying they want to cut paper for a living. I joked that my college degree was not being put to use, what about all those years in sales, my accounting skills…………but every bit of experience I gained along the way I am putting to good use today and am also putting trust in my creativity…

Who knows where creativity will take me, you or anyone but we all know when we have a calling and open that new door. So in today's Daily Inspiration Journal page it is all about not being afraid……

TWB_9554a TWB_9556a 

  • Adhesives:  Helmar Decoupage & Craft Paste
  • Acrylic Paints: DecoArt
  • Ink: Marvy Heritage Pads
  • Stamps: Unity
  • Inks: Daler & Rowney
  • Charcoal Pencil

I shared this page in progress on Facebook and many asked me the step-by-step (sure wish I had shot photos!)

  1. White Gesso page (to start fresh)
  2. Painted the Purple Acrylic paint on background (gesso was still damp so mixed together)
  3. Brushed the teal to the top and watered it down to spead down page.  Flipped page over and did the same.
  4. Stamped flowers (Unity Stamps) with Marvy Heritage Inks.  Outlined with a charcoal pencil and smeared
  5. Printed quote on printer paper and Decoupaged to page (Helmar Decoupage & Craft Paste)…♥Helmar Decoupage!
  6. Went back in with Marvy Heritage Inks & Indian ink (w/ nib tip) to outline and emphasize flowers to complete the page.

I will try to take some more pictures in the process.  If you are taking my new Studio Classes we will do pages like this!

I got lost in this page.  I tried new elements and just loved the process……I trusted myself as an Artist.  A reminder for all of us who doubt ourselves and get lost in the Fear.


"You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith."  ~Mary Manin Morriss