I am beyond excited to share the special issue from Creating Keepsakes called Creative Spaces 2.  I am honored to be included in this issue among so many amazing fellow artists and friends!


This is special for many reasons.  First I only made it known to Editor's Megan Hoeppner and Jennafer Martin that I was determined to make their magazine and second……..it shows that my OCD is used for good!! 

This has been in the works for the past year and the photographer CK hired to send out could not make it so I recommended my amazing friend/photographer Kelly Alwan of LotoFoto Photography and sharing this experience with her meant a lot.  Kelly takes such great care in her art and is amazing!  I trusted no other to make this photoshoot and experience even more meaningful.  Glad the magazine hired her.  Thanks Kelly!…Tomorrow I will show additional photos from the shoot.

So make sure to buy this issue and not just because I am in it (but humbled if you do because of that!)


Just goes to show you that you have to do and follow what you LOVE! 

"Do something you are proud of.  Instead of struggling to get one up on everyone else, raise your awareness to the point where the competition becomes insignificant.  To be truly effective be sincere and helpful.  Find satisfaction and fulfillment in making a difference and pulling all of life forward with you."