Our prayers to the kitchen Gods helped because today we are one step closer to a real functioning kitchen. The counters were installed and they look so good.  My kitchen actually feels so much larger and the bar area is so much nicer to sit at.   I may even start liking to cook (ok, I won’t go crazy now).  Now we just need our new microwave hung (waiting for my dad) and that will clear up that counter.  Up-dated Pictures: Dsc_1188_2 Dsc_1190_2

Tomorrow the guy I work with is coming over to hook up all the plumbing.  I will be so thankful to have running water again.


Creative Corner….on the creative front.  I was happy to receive the current issue of PaperArt Magaine.   This may be one of the first cards I ever had published.  Quote an honor since I don’t consider myself much of a card-maker.  I created this card for Diecuts with a View and was thrilled it was picked up.

My goal for 2007 is to display some of the beautiful pictures I take of the family.  So many people assumed that I had walls of pictures when truth-be-told the last pictures up were of Tyler as a baby.  Joey to this day argues that some of them are him.  Whatever makes him fell better.  So last  night I started experimenting with ideas to add Dsc_1183to framed photos. This is an 8 X 10 canvas I made of Mickey.  I just love how it turned out. The majority of the materials are Diecuts with a View.  I am definitely going to make a few of these to adorn our walls.Dsc_1181  I love when I try something new and it actually works.  I am the hardest to please and actually liked something of my own.  Keeping my fingers crossed that DCWV picks up my latest creations to use on QVC again!