I have always thought that the shower is the most productive place for me to be.  I think I need to invent a dry erase board (water-proof) with grease pencil where I could just write my thoughts while I was in there.  I probably would take 2 hour showers.  Sometimes it is Feeling_fab_2 just the only place where I have uninterrupted (well except for three kids needing their cereal, or someone is pushing someone, or they just have to be spectators) time to think and map out my day.  For some reason this morning I came up with journaling for a page.  I just laid it all out in my head and when I got out I ran over to my desk (mind you it is 7:00 am) and wrote it all out.  I even pictured how the layout would look.  Once I took the twins to school and came home from the gym I decided to take a few snapshots for this layout.  I had my own photo session.  I had to admit at first it was a little weird taking shots of myself but in the end I got a few good pictures.  Tonight that layout went from my head to paper.  I really like this one.  I used lots of FiberMark papers and other than printing on an angle it was pretty easy. 

Three more days until Vegas.  I am going to tackle my packing tomorrow since Sunday our cabinet people are coming over and I am taking family portraits of a family.  Pete came home and just wanted to be together every moment.  It was kind of cute but when he wanted to accompany me with the three kids to buy those shoes that I tried to buy the other day it lost it’s cuteness.  It is like I am leaving the country to join the Peace Corps instead of four days.  I decided I should travel more because I get lots of attention.  I am happy to say I ended up with two new pairs of shoes, jeans and a shirt!  Tomorrow Tyler has a buddy coming over in the morning and then in the afternoon I am taking my first spinning class.  I hope I like it.  I am happy to get in that last workout for the week since I am taking off all next week.  I had my last personal training session today and I was worked.  Man, I love that feeling!