I want to share the DecoArt Media demonstration pieces from CreativeWorld.  I worked on 8 X 10 Canson ArtBoards with my Media Demo’s at the show


I have to say that working alongside Andy Skinner he may have had an influence on me….my darker side:


I created several pieces with texture….

Art3 Art2

I really tried to mix it up in each demonstration….


but had to return to my beloved flowers

Art6 Art5

I loved the opportunity to just demonstrate in Germany.  Truly art is a united language…I guess my smile says it all.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these pieces and they inspire you to get creative!

Even if it’s true that you’re growing and healing, and that it will be OK… it’s not always OK right now, and sometimes that’s all we can see and feel when we’re in the midst of a difficult life event.  Sometimes NOT being OK is all we can register inside our tired minds and aching hearts.  This feeling is normal.  This emotion is human.”