Last week I spent in Frankfurt, Germany with DeocArt at CreativeWorld!  To say the least it was a pinch me moment going to Germany to do what I love so much.  CreativeWorld is like no other trade show.  It is actually three shows in one: PaperWorld, CreativeWorld and ChristmasWorld and is located in the largest convention space I have ever seen.  Truly this is the largest international show.  And it was great to be part of it.  After 15 hours of travel I arrived in Germany at 9:30 in the morning where I was met with the lovely Kathy Walsh who handles International Sales.  I adore her and her un-ending enthusiasm.  Then none-other then Mr. Andy Skinner arrived.  It was off to the Show to commence with setup.

The whole DecoArt team attacked set up for two days.  I always equate trade shows as setting up an entire section of your house in one area in a very short period of time.


The booth came together……and featured all our new products.  You can take complete tour of the booth HERE with Kathy Walsh


The week was filled with demonstrations, lots of walking and just a couple of hours to sight-see the older part of Frankfurt.  I checked off a couple of items off my checklist.  I drank a big beer in a huge german stein, I paid for things in Euro’s, and tried my namesake of Apfelwein (apple wine).  I have to say I did not like the latter…it was basically wine cider.


I am ever so thankful for this cultural experience….for the travel and new adventures.  And to all the people who came up and chatted with me.  It is funny because art has no language barriers.  Even if we spoke different languages just watching the creative process and navigating our way through the art was great.  It was days and days of talking ane more talking.  It is fun to represent a company that you love the products.  So many demonstrations…..


Of course there was antics with Mr. Skinner……..I made sure to watch my back….literally!


Thanks DecoArt and thanks to all who was part of it.  To our team: Stacy, Kathy, Patrick, Pla, Andy, and Tom….great job.  As quick as the show goes up it comes down in record time because we were all exhausted!  Then it was 12 hours to return home to sunny San Diego.  Germany was a bit great and cold with rain but I loved it!  I loved the buildings, the people and reliving some of my German from high school.

Danke and Auf Wiedersehen Germany!  Das was sehr gut!   More things to come out of the Studio with the new products and more!  Exciting times for DecoArt as we release all the new lines.  Make sure to visit their website and Facebook pages for al thew new shares.  Online catalog:  HERE

Back home sweet home and to my Studio.  Ever so thankful to my fella who keeps the home fires burning and does it so great.  I returned to flowers and my kiddos.  All doing great.  Love you honey!  Here is a video recap of my adventures….

Stay tuned for more from Germany!………Dare to Create with Andy Skinner!

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