Today something happened that rarely happens in this household……..we were done with all sports by 11:30 am!  Joey had a scrimmage at 8:00 am but went with our friend's so I could go to Tyler's basketball game.  It was a great game which I am sure I will brag about soon so I will hold in the boring details.  Keep in mind, we are in over-lapping sports and baseball season is upon us.  Which means every covetted Saturday is gone for the next 3.5 months!  Oh how I hope the kids will read this blog long after I am gone and be thankful for our taxi service.  I doubt as they will probably be on some tick-tack sized computer in Starbucks and pulling out their briefcase to fly to work.  But just in case they are reading this and I am in a home (not a white padded room either) this message is for them:

"Tyler, Michaela, and Joey,
I enjoyed every second of every minute that I spent in cold gyms, hard bleachers and cramped band concerts.  Although there may have been a scowl on my face I loved it.  You don't owe me a thing but a nice retirement home and designer diapers in my elderly years".

I digress, so today we were home by noon and got on those jammie pants.  They headed off to the Wii Rock band, Micky got out her art stuff and I headed into my office.  This week has been about getting my projects done for Scrappin Sports.  We had some challenges to work with which made it more fun.

Our_Love Swish 
How_You_Live This one I had to use a song so I used "How You Live" By Point of Grace

Then I created this project for Helmar using the Best Creations line.  I will be posting this on the Helmar USA Design Team blog showing all the techniques I used.  
_TWB6786  _TWB6767  
_TWB6774 _TWB6779

So to everyone who is hustling around this Saturday I feel for you.  Enjoy your weekend.  Tomorrow morning I make up for it by waking up at 6:45 am for a photo shoot.  UGH!  Why does good lighting happen so early in the morning?  That is another thing I will forever complain about.