This weekend was the calm before family and friends arriving, a wedding, breaking ground for construction, studio remodel and more!  It was quiet, peaceful and included time in the Studio working.  I appreciated that time and really needed it.  I have lots of studio projects in the works while wanting to balance the time I need off in the next weeks to come.  In the midst of the projects I took a break in the art journal.  I blasted John Legend on Pandora and worked backwards.  I drew first….



it was refreshing to mix it up…..

Creativity4in my happy place……

Creativity3trusting my creativity….



as I look to the future……….to live the life I want to live. I am moving forward one step at a time.  Taking on new fun projects but being mindful not to take on too much.  One day at a time. scared, excited and grateful to mix it up every once in awhile.  So as this weeks to come unfold I need to remind myself to stop and take a break.  Even if it means slipping into my studio for a break.

There is absolutely nothing about your present situation that prevents you from following your dreams, one step at a time.  Use each setback, each disappointment as a cue to push on ahead with more determination than ever before.”