Last night my girls came over and we scrapbooked.  It has been forever so what a Great_grandma_1great time we had!  It was Shelly’s birthday so we did our usual celebration.  Shelly even loved her cake that was tossed in upside-down in my car (that is what you get when you grocery shop with three kids).  I was able to complete two pages.  The first one is of Joey and my grandma.  I just loved this picture.  I also scrapped my niece again.  Lately she seems to be Kelseymy favorite to scrap (don’t tell Micky).   

It was just so great scrapping with Colleen and Shelly.  After a long summer off due to kids, remodels, vacations it was nice to just sit down and catch-up.  Plus working in a group brings out the creativity in everyone.

Poor Pete was at Disneyland for work all day.  For a man who hates crowds, lines, sick people, etc….that is definitely not the happiest place on earth for him.  He did not get home until close to midnight. 

Today is the last day off for Tyler.  He is anxious to go back to school (the feeling is mutual).  We have a quest today to find shorts for him.  You would think in Southern California they would have shorts year-round but we have not been able to find much.  And, we know how much I love shopping (not!)