We have yet another sport in the family.  Tyler joined Cross Country.  I thought that it was great he jumped on board this one on his own and really seems motivated.  I ran Cross Country and Track in high school and think they are both very neat sports.  Why not just embarrass myself and share the one photo I have of myself from Track.  I am the hot chick (who does not look like a chick) on the far left.  Hey, at least my socks are not up to my thighs.

Tracy  1982-83 High School Season

So back to my story…….Tyler had his first cross country race this past week.  The first difference I noticed from running cross country in Michigan was the terrain. Instead of a wet soggy mud bog around a lake where you were clearly running just to keep from getting eaten by bird-sized mosquitoes, this race was quite the opposite.  First, was the sandy and seaweed terrain and the sounds of the waves washing ashore that filled the air.  There was the smell of sea salt and the sun rays beaming down on you. 

Needless to say I can tell the difference from my days in school but the one thing that has not changed are the short running shorts.  And let me tell you that when you are accustomed to wearing saggy shorts down to your calves, running shorts and tank tops make you feel like you are running naked.  I got a kick out of them warming up chanting "We wear short, shorts".

Needless to say I was so proud of him.  He came in 121st out of 160+.  I was so impressed and had a great time watching him.