I am busy as everImg_1060 but nothing very interesting.  It has been colder than usual (however if you ask my dad it is warm by his standards).  I promised that picture of us at baseball when it "snowed" and here it is.  Kind of hard to tell but it was snowing.  Those six flakes in my hair was snow.  Man, I have really softened up over the past 15 years from my Midwest up-bringing.  Pete is doing everything he can to keep his new avocado trees alive.

I have a completely full calendar but most of the activities revolve around Tyler’s school.  Having my parents here is allowing me to get so much done.  I was bestowed an honor this month of being named the "Volunteer of the Month"….shall I mention that one of my best friends writes the newsletter and that particular article.  I think having friends in high places really helps.  Thanks Victoria!  It is an honor.  I am going to add that to my ‘Mom Resume’ and use it when I run against you and Janine for ‘Mother of the Year’.  This year will be tight race!

I am also gearing up for CHA.  I am so excited to hit the convention floor and see all the new stuff.  Of course leaving the house for 3.5 days means getting everything in order but it is worth it. Mom and Dad will take up the slack for me and handle the kiddies and keep Pete company.  They all dread me going away but they will survive.  I will just call them often (and stop by every booth and pick up free candy!). 

The time has flown by with my parents.  We have all set into our routines and it really eases my responsibilites.  Next Friday I am relinquishing all my responsibilities for a day at the SPA!  My friend, my mom, and I will be spending a day at the spa getting facials and just relaxing. Magnetic20precision20mat I cannot tell you how excited I am for that day.  I think my mom will love it too.

Well, as I type I realize I should be cutting and gluing something.  Did I mention my new favorite tool; Basic Grey Precision Cutting Mat.  It is magnetic and comes with these little magnets.  You can hold down what you working on so easily.  I am always asked what my latest favorite tools/Supplies so I will make sure to make mention of those items as I discover them.  I am sure I will have tons to share from CHA