I am going to premise this post with honesty and say….not all pieces are masterpieces.  Yep, I said it.  I have loved my collaborations with fellow DecoArt Artist, Andy Skinner.  We have done four of them and decided to take it international in Germany at CreativeWorld.  No excuses but this piece was done after numerous demonstrations by us both and a tons of talking at the show.  So when he pulled out this mirror from Ikea for us to collaborate I on I may have been less then excited.  However, once we started it was great.

We passed this mirror back and forth over the day using the Media Line and we both have to agree we LOVED the process.  We also talked out steps and what each of us was going to do.  We started with such optimism…..


We ended up here.  I am taking on the first layer next time Skinner.  He has been banned from using Citron Green shade as a base.


and ultimately we kept going and this is where the piece ended…


We also keep it real and we both are asked if every piece turns out great and this is the truth.  Some we love………and some not so much.  But the process makes it all worth while….We hope you enjoy our creative process as much as we did.

and Skinner……….I start the next piece!

There’s incredible power (and freedom) to be harnessed when you realize EVERYTHING in your life is your responsibility.  Your current lifestyle, body, relationships, etc. are simply a receipt printout of everything you’ve done up until this point.  And if you want to change it, you’re going to have to realize first that you’re the only one who possibly can.  Stop waiting on someone else to rescue you.”