It has been only 3 days and I am going crazy!  It is Friday and each day there are steps forward toward a new Studio!  All furniture has been removed and I am back to the original desk I started on …crazy to think this all started 15 years ago on that little desk in the living room!


Funny that I find myself emotionally attached to furniture but it was strange seeing it all drive away……..

Studio8Change is never easy.  The room just keeps getting bigger as each piece left.  Strange when I look back on photos I never knew how twisty and windy the path would be sitting at those desks…what a wild ride from when I was in my 30’s!

DCP_0325 DSCN1304

All paint has been purchased and is ready for the painters Saturday morning.  As each day passes things get done.  I am a bit on edge navigating through the living room but I know it will be worth it.   I am sharing videos of my progress on my Facebook page because I really am enjoying the process:

I am looking forward to the move in stage!  I am ordering new sayings for my walls and getting ready to clean the carpets today!  Tracy Weinzapfel Studios is just getting better and wide open to the things coming!

It’s our own thinking that holds us back more than anything else.  There’s no reason to imprison yourself.  Don’t think outside the box.  Think like there is no box.”