Wow, what can I say about last weekend?  First I can say thank you to Susan and Leia for inviting me to attend The Women's Conference in Long Beach, CA put on by Maria Shriver. 

It was fun, informative and empowering to say the least.  It was also full of a lot of estrogen but we will get to that later.

Monday was the first day we attended seminars where we had great seats to see:

  • Maria Shriver
  • Deepak Chopra (not my favorite…too fluffy full of rainbows & deep thought)
  • Her Holiness Shinso Ito (I am wondering how I can get that title myself)
  • Sally Field
  • Elizabeth Less (author of Broken Open and I loved that book)
  • Martha Beck (Author)
  • Tory Johnson (from Good Morning America)
  • and the final Closing with Tony Robbins (who has a TON of energy)

Then it was Night at the Village which was a trade show of sorts with vendors displaying their products.  You could have speakers sign books and there were speakers at three stages where we saw:

  • Maria Shriver
  • Ali Wentworth (hilarious)
  • Bob Harper
  • Giada DeLaurentiis (Food Network)
  • Paula Deen (Hilarious!)
  • Jessica Simpson (hmmmm……….no comment)
  • Jane Fonda (hmmmmmmm…no comment)
  • and my favorite The Cake Boss himself Buddy Valastro (such an amazing artist)

My thoughts on the whole deal…….I am not one who gets charged by seeing celebrities. They put their pants on the same way I do (well maybe not the same because lately I have had to do that tight jean dance that every woman hates and I cannot see Maria Shriver doing that).  I would not stand in a line for them to sign my book because for heaven's sake, they wrote it and the value would not go up on it.  Highlight for me…..seeing one of Buddy's cakes up close……beautiful art and a cake no less!

TWB_3976aI came away feeling proud of owning my own business, loving what I do and believing I can do it.  Most of those people we saw started out much the same and worked hard to get where they are.  Most were grounded and proud of their work and yes some were a little out there (sorry Deepak and Jane Fonda).  I thoroughly enjoyed Tony Robbins and had gone in quite skeptical.  I was not there for a pep talk however he gave more of a truth talk which was enlightening and fun to experience.  (You were right Mark and thanks for encouraging me to go!).

And I got some girl time in which was great too! 

PA253572aSusan and I were dead on our feet by 9:30 pm and I am the worst person to put in an auditorium for speaker after speaker….Sorry Martha Beck if you caught me sleeping during your talk!  As for the estrogen part……bringing 10,000 women under one roof can lead to some mighty grumpy girls by sun down.  It was time to get some much needed rest.

More to come from Day Two!


You know those goals you've set for yourself, those dreams you've been waiting for the perfect time to live out?  It's time. ~ Maria Shriver