Today was our Spa Day.  My mom, myself and my friend Susan went to La Costa Spa & Resort for a day of pampering.  I have never been an advocate of facials and massages but this is truly a day to rejuvenate yourself.  With everything going on in my life this was a day to just think about nothing.  I was not sure my mom would like the facial but boy did she love it.  I think we created a monster and will be making this trip an annual one.  I think I napped in just about every location of the spa.  The hammock was a dream spot.  Needless to say this was the calm-before-the-storm and now need to get in gear to leave on Sunday. 

This week we faced a big decision as a family.  Pete was offered the long-awaited job transfer to Michigan.  Now before you think we have the U-Haul packed, we turned down the offer.  Two years ago I think we would have jumped on this offer but many things have changed and the dynamics of the offer did not work for us at this time.  When decisions like this come along I always think to myself "I am not adult enough to make these decisions".  Pete and I went out to lunch together and made a list of pros and cons.  The cons outweighed the pros so Pete nicely declined.  I am so proud and happy for him for getting this offer but we both agreed that it was not the time.  Tyler broke down in tears so we knew his answer.  Joey did not want to move because "they do not have XBox in Michigan".   Micky was the only one on board.  She said it would be great to live close to grandma to go to the mall all the time.  God love her!  Although I have always wanted to be nearer to my family when Pete told me I have to admit I had a sinking feeling.  But, I let him make the decision.  I support what he thinks is best since he spends 60-70 hours a week at work I want him to be happy.  But, I have established so many roots here and value the friendships and relationships I have made.  So with that decision behind us we look to the future.  Dsc_2694

Thursday I also attended a field trip with Tyler’s class to the Star of India.  We have so many treasures in our City and this is one of them.  The weather was perfect and thanks to my friend Kelly who drove with me we just passed the whole day away talking and laughing.  Thanks Kelly!

This is my last post before I leave on Sunday for CHA.  I will be trucking the kids to baseball practice and basketball tomorrow and then come home to pack up for my little trip.  I leave the kids in good hands (daddy, grandma & grandpa) and left a list of things for them.  I hope to return with lots of information on new releases.  I feel fortunate to make this trip!