Day three of playing nurse….finally I was able to take a nap.  After two nights of no sleep I was pretty exhausted.  I was awoken to the sound of two boys going at it.  Those guys are the best of friends but can really get to one another.  Micky and Daddy were having a nice conversation by the pool.  We were able to take off Pete’s bandages today so he is a little more comfortable in the sling.  He gets to shower tomorrow and is looking forward to that. 

Today we woke up to no electricity and had Micky’s Dance Pictures.  Get ready for a rant….Micky is 4 yet you would think she is dancing on Broadway.  I feel like I should make one of those Visa Commercials:Dsc_4978_3

  • Cost of Dance Classes – $35/month
  • Costume – $59
  • DVD – $40
  • Pictures – $30
  • Tickets to Recital at Performing Arts Center – $16-20/each (The boys are happy they don’t have to go now)
  • Flowers for After the Performance – $5-20 (forget it, she is getting a flower from the yard)
  • Seeing the smile on her face….Priceless

And get this!  No photography at the performance.  What am I to do!  That is the only Dsc_4976_1 reason I did this who deal.  So we wake up with no power and had to curl her hair.  Thankfully it came on before we left.  We got there and most girls are decked out in make-up and hair was perfectly curly.  After manning that curling iron for over 40 minutes her hair stayed curled for approximately 7 minutes.  This is why I am surprised God gave me a girl.  Next year baseball here we come!