Last night a friend of mine called telling me to check out a Backyard Adventure 7o1ciskncquiorpfup0vllpntque tree house listed on Craig’s list for FREE.  Right away I called and was among a ton of other phone calls.  I figured my chance of getting it was zero but this morning at 8:00 am the guy called ME and I had to pick it up today.  With Pete at work I went through my phone book of friend’s husbands.  I was kid of desperate but did not think me showing up with three kids would get the job done.  After some calling I got ahold of our friend’s 21 year old son.  Hangover and all he was a trooper and agreed to help me. Dsc_9985 Love you Christopher!  We went there and we disassembled  this tree house and loaded it in my truck.  The people who gave it to us were so nice too.  Enjoyed talking to the lady.  We seemed to have a lot in common.  The kids were so excited.  Although I had a list a mile long I could not resist this cute tree house for the kids.  It was perfect for our yard plus I can add swings and stuff to it.  We got it home and Tyler and I decided to just keep going and unload all the pieces and assemble it ourselves.  So the three kids  and I took it all out of the truck and began the task of putting it together. Dsc_0011 I was so proud of us.  We worked together and minus a few glitches (i.e. Tyler handing off supporting the main beam to Micky who dropped it on  my head) we did a great job.  We got it about 90% together and decided to hold off on attaching the slide, ladder & roof until Pete tightens up things and we can decide where it is going.  Dsc_0015 That pretty much blew my day and I was unable to handle what I needed to at Home Depot.  Tyler and I were beat.

I then had to tackle the kitchen that was supposed to be done in the afternoon.  I managed to empty all of the cabinets just as Pete was getting home.  We decided it was best to go out to eat due to lack of accessories in the kitchen. Dsc_0020It is all sitting in the dining room now.  The next few weeks may be the end of me!  We decided to to Denny’s for dinner (yuk!)  I was too tired to even have an opinion and the kids eat Free.  Today was day of Free.  I basically sunk into a tub when we got home after falling asleep and waking up in cold water I am wide awake.  Nothing like having a dream you are falling in a bathtub LOL!   

I guess I can post some up-dated pictures of the paint job:Dsc_9970 (ignore dirty surroundings):Dsc_9971 Dsc_9972 Dsc_9974 Dsc_9975

Progress is being made.  I am done saying that the following day will not be busy because I cannot seem to stick to that notion.  Tomorrow we have lots to do but the Charger’s game will keep us around the house in the morning.  I need to attack some of that laundry.  Then I will be waving goodbye to my kitchen cabinets.  Adios…and thanks for serving us these last ten years.