This week I was inspired to look back at some baby photos of myself…(sorry mom & dad for this look back LOL)


and what would I say to that girl….who has years ahead of herself to change and grow.  



So I did just that……



May 4th, 2013    


Dear Me,

Tracy here………43 years your senior. 
43 years of life behind you and I want to recognize how far you have
come.  You come from a GREAT family and
every day of your life you will be grateful for that.  They will never stop being in your
corner.  When times are tough they will
be there.  When times are great they will
be there.  They will make you laugh, make
you proud, make you sure of your foundation. 
You will be educated, even go to a Big 10 school but I am sorry to say
it is not the maize & blue one you originally thought but Mrs. Vukosvich's
alma mater like she encouraged you in first and third grade.  Great choice in the Green & White! 

You will find out what it is like to lose someone early and value the
importance of life.  You will think of
Alicia often and hope she sees what you are doing.  YOU WILL move to where the ocean is after all…….sunny
California.  Make sure to take advantage
of that and never lose sight of the Michigan girl you still are.  Be proud of your roots always while taking
splendor in the new scenery.  It is gorgeous.

You will have a home, family and so much more.  You will have three great kids that every day
of your life you will wonder am I getting this right.  You will pray, you will not be their friend
yet and endure attitudes you gave your mother so I recommend you go easy in
your teens.  Your mom's wish of experiencing
what she did will happen in doubles! 
YES………..NEVER joke about twins. 
They will forever change your life for the better.

You will experience love, loss and pain. 
Those times are not easy but will make you stronger.  Trust me, you make it through them, look back
over time and realize why those crossed your path and made you who you are
today.  You really are blessed.  Things will not ALWAYS turn out like you
thought.  There is a greater plan and you
will not always know what it is for awhile but you will get the lesson.  Don't try to control it as that is useless.

You will have great friends…….girlfrends.  Friends who stick by you…friends who come
and go and those girlfriends that will make you laugh until your stomach
aches.  Speaking of laughing.  You will learn to laugh at yourself but it
takes awhile.  You go through a lot of
serious years but make up for it in your 30's and 40's.  In fact, now you laugh at yourself more often
than not to make those around you feel comfortable.  Even in the tough times you realize the value
of a smile/laugh. 

You will forever be artistic, will embrace it and will be empowered by
it.  You will not try to hide it, will
share it and in fact will live your life by your passionate artistic
spirit.  You are no longer afraid to be
you and share it with others no matter what. 
Keep writing and sharing yourself. 
Even though you think no one cares or is listening you may have an
impact on someone.  You will love the
color yellow!  Who knew from those yellow
rooms your mom painted with daisy wallpaper! 
You can guess that your favorite flowers are daisies too. Thanks Mom.

 Speaking of your mom.  You will
put her through years of attitude (bitchiness) and fight every step of the way
that you are not like her.  You are a
taller mirror image of her so no use fighting it.  Embrace your similarities, agree to disagree
at times, thank her for her OCD tendencies that she passed down so you don't
live in a pig sty.  She is a strong woman
who is educated, smart, way funny, and has great taste in men.  She made you who you are and was your first
example of how it is done! 

You will not know where you are going and your Dad will still be telling
you at age 43 that "Some Days are Diamonds and some are stones".  You will hate to hear it at the time but you
know he is right..  Speaking of your
Dad…you will always be Daddy's Girl. 
You will still call him to confirm what you already know  He will still tell you he loves you through
the tears no matter what time.  In fact,
you find 3 am the best time to call him. 
When you ask him about the car or lawnmower he will go on in great
detail thinking you are following him. 
Best to just cut those conversation as short as possible (and find a
good mechanic). 

You have great parents and often find yourself asking "what would
they do".  Everyone who meets them
knows just how special they are and you are proud of that.

Don't make fun of dog people….one word Penny.  Just sayin' that one Furball may change your
outlook on the whole deal.   

You will find great happiness in yourself.  It is not always easy.  Every person that crosses your path will
leave an impression on your soul……great and small.  YOU in turn will do the same to them so make
sure it is a pleasant one.  You are
trusting, affectionate, giving and at times have known no boundaries.  But you will learn from that and empower the
word "NO".  It will feel great
and at times will be very hard.  In the
end though you could only give so much.

To bring this to a close……………you will know LOVE.  You are blessed and every day you will be
thankful even when is not easy.


Tracy A. Weinzapfel


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