We are the type of family that rarely sends birthday cards or exchange Christmas presents.  Many people don’t understand that and go buy the obligatory "Chia Pet" and wrap it up as they are supposed to.  Despite this lack of support to American Greetings and Hallmark we never let a holiday pass where we don’t tell each other how we feel.  So this Mother’s Day I make my thoughts be known here

Thanks Dear Mom,

Thanks……..You are my best friend, Dsc_1935amy confident, my example and so much more. I thank you for not only being my Mother but taking on the role of best friend as I got older.  I know how hard I made those teen years and how at times our relationship has had ups and downs but our relationship never waned.  Yes, I am Daddy’s Girl but I am Mommy’s Woman. 

You taught me how to be a Mom by being such a great one to Timmy and I.  You gave me my quick sense of humor which gets me by every day.  You showed me drive and strength by going to school and having a career.  You gave me balance to lend an empathetic ear when necessary and put a smile on someone’s face when they need it.  and Yes, after I finally gave in you showed me how to properly apply make-up in my thirties and how important it is to take care of myself.  Mostly, you showed me Love and made me see that I am worth it.  I am worth receiving Love, giving it and letting everyone in my life know that I love them.  I stand for no less and give all I have. 

Happy Mother’s Day today and every day.  The bouquet of flowers and card will not be there and I cannot personally deliver a hug but know that 2500 miles away I love my mom and best friend more than anything.

Love, Trace

Thank you everyone for reading my public salute to my mom.  I hope this serves as a reminder to talk to those mom’s, grandma’s, and women in your life.  I know that I surround myself with very strong mothers who I use for support, friendships and examples.  I salute you all and am proud to call you Mom’s my friends!  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  oh, and for those who buy the Chia Pet’s, can you please send one to my mom on my behalf.