I have no idea where December went let along 2014!  Here is just some of what went on around here in December 2014…


and a slide show of everything going on at once HERE

As I look back I see all the balls we are juggling…….some feel like bowling balls and sometimes fire torches but in it all I feel blessed and happy (even in the moments that have tears).  This is sure a lot to take on at one time along with family and holidays.  It has not always been easy to sit back and smell the roses but am mindful of life’s many blessings.

As December came to a close all I can is this sure applied….


As 2015 starts I look go bring peace and balance back.  I am mindful that not everything gets done in the time you want it and I need to be kind to myself.  I have been through a lot, we do have a lot going on, and I am worthy…….worthy of slowing down, knowing that I cannot do it alone and that I do need “me” time.

Happy New Year Friends and Family near and Far……


There are far too many capable people who don’t pursue their dreams and goals because they let their fears, or others, talk them out of it.  They give up before they even try and simply let life’s river flow them downstream.  Choose to be stronger than that.  Choose to swim upstream when you have to.  Choose to do the things in life that move you.  Let others lead small lives.  Let others argue over small things.  Let others cry over small wounds.  Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands.  But not YOU.”