Bah humbug today.  I set out this morning to start on that Christmas list and handle a few household items.  I now remember why I hate to go shopping in December and rely on my mom so much for that.  The parking lots were crazy crowded, there were no shopping carts, people don’t watch where they are walking or where their carts are parked, wall-to-wall people, the list goes on.  I did manage to get our microwave and kitchen faucets that we will need next week.  I also started the kid’s shopping but realized when I got home a few items need to go back.  Oh well….time to get on line and do the shopping the way I like to.

I also came home ready to tackle that Christmas tree.  I figured that would put me in the holiday spirit.  I decided to put up that pre-lit twig from last year that goes up quite easy.  It goes up easy when you don’t have three anxious (fighting) children driving you nuts.  I got over asking Pete to help out because I know how much he enjoys all that mayhem so he just kind of watches.  I shall digress for a moment to relive a fond holiday moment…..

About 7 years ago, Tyler was a baby and we propped him up in one of those Exersaucers.  I badgered Pete to put the tree up.  I got out the video camera ready to capture our festive spirit with our beautiful baby boy.  I put the camera on the desk and put a large Santa hat on Tyler.  Every time I stopped recording Pete and I would get back to our senseless bickering.  Needless to say I forgot to turn off the camera so all you see is Pete and my rears going round the tree with garland and lights having a silly fight.  Then you see me dashing over to Tyler because the hat fell over his head.  It was so darn funny when Pete and I watched it back that we could not stop laughing.  Then by accident I had included that on a tape that we sent to my parents and they still laugh about it to this day.  I had that perfect image of the smells of Christmas, the holiday music, decorating the tree and what we got was so different.  Yet it was so perfect.Dsc_1007

So today those same perfect thoughts danced in my head.  Decorating the tree with my three beautiful children.  What happened was so different:  No fresh scent of the tree since we put up the pre-lit/fake one, the background sound of football, and three bickering/whining children.  LOL!  Why me!  We did get it all up and the kids did have fun and in our own whacky way the tradition of Christmas lives on.  Of course I asked the kids to take pictures and the boys were Dsc_1014down to their boxers by then so we did not get those "perfect" pictures.  Kind of goes with this chaotic event.  But you gotta love us all the same!  I am going to wait a couple of days Dsc_1021to get a picture of our tree.  It is simple but we all like it.  We had a good time talking about some of the ornaments.  I liked this photo with the reflection of the tree in the window. 

After a much needed hot bath I shook off the scrooge mood and like seeing that tree light up the room.  I am anxious to have my parents here because then it really feels like Christmas. 

Countdown starts…….one week until I get kitchen counters.  I will be calling them tomorrow to make sure we are on track!