Last Sunday I was excited to have some time in my Studio to play with the new DecoArt Acrylic Paint Misters!  Yep, acrylic paint in a mister!


These are like an instant backgrounds in a spray bottle.  LOVE THEM!  I pulled out my idea art journal to play and see what these babies could do.  This is the easy piece in my art journal that I painted.


Here are the step-by-step photos for this easy vibrant page…



Blessed this day which included an awesome walk with good friends Moving my Rear!


Thankful for this day!

 You may find yourself feeling happy and content today. You may experience a deeper level of enjoyment in your recreational activities or feel more joyful when engaging in your normal routine. A good way to enhance these feelings is to consciously immerse yourself in each experience and focus on developing a keen awareness of each moment. Instead of mindlessly going about your daily routine, you can choose to keep your attention firmly on each activity….Consciously choosing to be fully aware and present in each moment makes every experience meaningful and profound.”