The last day of the Heart of Ohio (HOOT) Show I had the pleasure of  collaborating with Dynasty Brush and DecoArt Artist Tracy Moreau.  It was the world of two Tracy’s colliding!  I thank you Tracy Moreau and Dynasty Brushes for the AWESOME array of brushes and stencil brushes you sent me home with.  Watch out world…I am armed and dangerous with good brushes!  No more toothbrushes or bent bristles baby!  Tracy Weinzapfel is going to be even crazier with a paint brush.  I now have a brush for everything!……


We decided to sit down and grab our DecoArt paints and brushes and throw it down right there.  This was an artist force to reckon with and we just loved that time working on 12 X 12 canvases right on the show floor.  So many stopped by to check in and see how were coming along.  We mainly were laughing and bring out our Tracy-competitiveness.


I always say that collaboration is a way to bring out the stronger artist in yourself!

Hoot3 Hoot4We are deadly with DecoArt paints!

Now that I am home I am so happy thinking back to this piece and remembering all the laughing as we painted these pieces!


Thanks Tracy for being great booth neighbors!  (I bet next year they try to separate us lol).  It sure was a fun show!  Stay tuned for my Tracy X 2 fun!

Good luck comes to those who create it.  Good luck comes to those who take a positive approach to every challenge and opportunity.”