I get the opportunity to teach at some some fun locations and with great people.  For me, giving everyone an awesome DecoArt experience is what it is all about!  My goal is to see that it is fun, interactive and over the top!!  There was no exception to this for my two workshops at Dawn’s Co. in Auburn, CA….

Dawns1My first workshop was on Thursday night and it was all about DecoArt Chalky Finish!  It was a technique based and all about trying out these awesome paints!  Everyone could not wait to get their hands on the paints.


Special thanks goes to Cut it Out for the awesome large frames…



I thank you all and here is a VIDEO SLIDE SHOW of our creative evening together!

Friday night was my DecoArt Americana Workshop and yet again another great night. I was thrilled to see some familiar faces return for more painting fun!


Here is our night in PICTURES……

Special thanks goes to the owners of Dawn’s Co!


and last but not least thanks to everyone who attended!  I had a great time and by the sound of it so did you!  I hope to be back.  In the meantime get out those DecoArt paints and get creative!

Because of all of these things, there is not another soul like you that ever existed and there never will be. Because of this, you have the ability to leave a beautiful mark on this world, and on every person you ever meet and every place you will ever go — a mark that could NEVER EVER be made by anyone else. If you had not done what you have done, endured what you have endured, decided what you have decided, you would not know what you know. If you had not fallen where you fell and got back up where you got back up…you would not be where you are. ~Brave Girls”