When DecoArt asked me to do short videos featuring the DecoArt Media Line my mind immediately went a thousand miles a minute with ideas and colors springing in my head.  Then I realized I had to be in front of the camera and do more videos….but being that I love the entire line this was a great opportunity to do what I love!  Today’s feature are my favorite…..the DecoArt Media Misters!


These are instant backgrounds in a spray bottle so immediately I created the easiest mixed media journal with the vivid colors!….here is the 6″ X 9″ handmade mixed media journal I created….



and here are each of the fast and easy pages:


Please enjoy this “Try Something with Tracy” videos featuring the DecoArt Media Line!

The Misters can be purchased in my Shop here:  DecoArt Misters.

After every use, spray clean, warm water through the nozzle until it runs clear. Finally, wipe the nozzle clean and replace the protective cap. If you have overlooked doing this and find you have a blocked Mister or irregular spray pattern, check the nozzle for dried paint covering the hole. If there is, peel away any dried paint. After doing this, spray Media Brush & Stencil Cleaner through the nozzle until you get a regular spray pattern.

Stay tuned for more videos spotlighting the DecoArt Media Line.  For more information on the DecoArt Media Line make sure to visit: http://decoart.com/mixedmedia/.  For more inspiration make sure to visit Tracy Weinzapfel Studios website: www.tracyweinzapfelstudios.com.