Another paint I want to share with you are DecoArt Patio Paints….show here:Patio1_edited2

Spring is just around the corner and a perfect time to share these easy terra cotta pots I made….




  1. Select your favorite DecoArt Patio Paint Colors.  I picked Coastal Surf, Desert Turquoise, Citrus Green and Cloud White)
  2. Paint ENTIRE inside and outside of terra cotta pot (make sure to check out tips & tricks below).
  3. Adhere Americana Reusable Stick-On Stencils (Dots) and pounce paint lightly with an alternative color.  Remove stencil to reveal pattern.  Wipe all stencils clean to reuse over and over.
  4. Don’t forget to paint the pot trays in a variety of colors to coordinate.


Some tips & tricks:

  • Always clean any loose paint or debris from items before painting (a power washer is great for larger pieces).
  • Shake well.
  • Apply 1-2 coats depending on the opacity desired.
  • Do not expose item to moisture for 72 hours.
  • When painting on terra cotta  because it is extremely porous, it grabs the paint right away. Instead of applying a coat of paint, letting it dry then applying more paint, it’s best to continue brushing on paint until the terra cotta can’t absorb any more. This will result in a perfectly smooth finish and great coverage.
  • For best results, make sure to paint both the inside and outside of the pot (including the drainage hole). This will prevent moisture from soaking into the unpainted surface and causing paint on the outside painted surface to bubble

I hope you enjoyed this fun spring project.  Spring is my favorite season of all!  Bring on those flowers!

let’s wake-up every morning from here on out and mindfully let our needless busyness and stress GO!  Let’s start making every moment less busy and more beneficial.  Let’s start keeping our lives ordered and our schedules under-booked.  Let’s start creating a foundation with a soft place to land, a wide margin for error, and room to think and breathe.  So we can pause to hear the music for a moment, and smile, when the opportunity arises.”