This next DIY project was a test of DecoArt’s Satin Enamels and this project hit close to home.  In fact so class that it was in our home.  My son came out of his room with an old step stool he wanted to use next to his bed to put his alarm clock and glasses and asked what to clean it with.  My painting brain went off and I asked him if I could paint it and he gave me the go ahead.  His color choices were grey and black.   Here is the simple transformation……


Super simple steps for this:


I decided to personalize this but keep it masculine with his monogram…….

Table 3

So simple and restored it to new……


He was happy to have it back only for me just one day later.  I did have to warn him I will need to take it a trade show next week (Society of Decorative Painters Show) and put it on display LOL.  Happy restoration from my Studio to yours!

Work hard in silence, do what you have to do, and ignore the drama and negativity surrounding you.  Let your success be your noise.”