I love my job…I love being able to paint, share my life and this week find out that the Dare to Create challenge Andy Skinner  and I did is in this Month’s DecoArt Mixed Media Newsletter HERE:


and found out I am the Artist Spotlight this month!


WOW!  Such great things as I head off to NAMTA with DecoArt!  And and I will be bet there so make sure to follow our adventures from the show on my Facebook Tracy Weinzapfel Studios Page!

If you are not currently getting the newsletter sign up here: http://decoart.to/medianews.  Thank you to DecoArt for trusting me to share their products and for coloring my world!  Stay tuned as we will be picking the Dare to Create prize winners this week and thank you to everyone who commented and encouraged Andy and I.

Every moment of your life builds upon the next.  This moment is the bridge between the reality of where you are and the vision of where you want to be.  Reality is approaching you every second.  And the great thing is, you’re able to alter it as it arrives.  You just have to decide what you want to do with it.  The greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing simply because you can only do a little.  In fact, it is far more productive to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a giant leap only to stumble and fall and never get up again.  The path to every goal requires a hundred small steps – one after the other.  Figure out where you want to go, take a step, and keep on stepping.  Diligence and persistence will get you there.”