So many people want to know how I store my DecoArt Paints (their 2 fl. oz bottles fit).  I shared HERE in May 2014 and thought I would up-date this in my Studio Remodel.


I used t-grid metal 4′ strip for an acoustic drop down ceiling that you see in most commercial uses.  I purchased the 4′ strips at Home Depot/Lowe’s for about $2.50-$3.00 for a 4′ section and installed them into the studs with screws approximately 5″ between the shelves.  There is a natural lip on them to keep your items secure.

Close up View:


Here is the installation in my New Studio. A HUGE Thank You to Mary who helped me get those up!!  I have yet to fill all the shelves but want you to get an idea.  I spray painted all mine white.  Thanks to my daughter for putting all the paints up (she knows her Mom’s OCD all too well and did a great job!)….


Chicks with power tools got it going on!

Wall1I shared a video here on Facebook for your enjoyment….

Click for VIDEO
Thursday night update LIVE from the Studio Remodel sharing my DecoArt Inc. Wall of paint construction. More details to follow…until then enjoy this update!
Things are going back into place…a huge THANK YOU to Mary for helping me make sense of it all…to quote my fella “Everybody needs a Mary”


Happiness is your DecoArt Wall ‘Oh Paint back up and ready to fill with more lines of paints….Did I mention the other racks of paints coming in……OH MY!  COLOR MY WORLD!  Now off to St. Louis to teach some painting classes at CCSA!

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