Well, I am sorry to report the boys did not win but they put on a good fight.  Test They lost 6-8 but it went down to the last inning but they could just not pull it out.  The boys shed some tears and the parents were right there to pick them up.  It was the end of a great season. The parents all said it was bitter sweet since it had been a long season but the heart of these boys made it all pay off. 

I do have to say he was bummed up until we pulled into the gated community for the pool party.  When he saw the beautiful pool, in-ground trampoline, and all his teammates it seemed to all washed away.  It was a great party!  We came home at 6 pm and I needed a nap so I laid down.  Well, that nap turned into a major sleep and at 9 am this morning I got up.  I guess my body needed that 15 hours of sleep to catch-up!  That was a record for me.   Today we are soaking in the summer rays and just relaxing! Well, mostly relaxing……those 4 loads of laundry are calling my name.