Yesterday I ran into an old friend….one who had inspired me in the past (unknowingly)……..she is going through a tough time.  We talked, we shared in the middle of Costco.  I felt in that moment that just SOME of my experiences were to be shared. 

As always you promise to stay in touch and you know life is busy.  She is weighted down by those "concreate shoes" where you get a few steps ahead and take a few steps back making you feel horrible.  I have worn those shoes. 

I emailed her and hoped she would know just how much that chance meeting meant to me…she replied to which I will share some…

"Yes!! Thank u for the "energy boost"!! I think I took those steps forward early this morning talking to u!! …. U sound so together, strong…. U need to pat yourself on the back everyday u can"laugh" about things… I have a hard time staying out of the "whoa is me woods".  BUT you gave me hope – we'll connect!!  Thanks for sharing – & thank u for the compliment… Means a lot to me!!

We did connect… shows that every meeting you have and those paths you cross in life mean something.  Will I change the world?  maybe not but will I make a difference…you Bet! 

For all those who have crossed my path and are in my life we are connected.  I leave you this fine Sunday with this thought…..


You may never know the impact of those chance meetings……



"When we present ourselves to the world without a mask and keep it real, we offer the same opportunity for others to do the same"