To know you make a difference means a lot.  This was shared by a dear friend and artist, Yvonne while I was away:

"Tonight I sat down and
doodled. I missed Tracy
and her class and did some Zendoodling. It's not my original work….I worked
off a 4-part series on YouTube. I thought of Tracy and all the inspiration
she's given to all of us every Monday night and decided to doodle. You can
check out my blog for more:   And then I wrote this poem:

A Facebook page, another group,

That's all it was no doubt.

I asked to join, to try and learn,

what this Mixed Media stuff was about.

Mixed Media Mondays was the name,

And I lurked and read each post.

I clicked on like as I tried to decide,

Which post I liked the most.

A Ustream class, I soon would discover,

And just had to go and see.

A user name I had to pick…

Well, Suzy 800 it came to be.

I joined each Monday to watch and learn,

and to Tracy I would listen.

Glue Mom and Dad, and then the Glue Dots,

What was this woman sniffin'?!

As I tuned in each week, to listen to her,

A new friend I was getting to know.

Her smile and her genuine love to share,

Was just within her & it would glow.

She has a way, of looking within,

And brings out the best in you.

She encourages and pushes, where she sees fit.

A rare talent that is shared by few.

My Mixed Media group, of three hundred plus,

i consider my family, I do.

So many good friends, I've come to know,

I'd not change out this crazy crew.

So Tracy, my friend, I have to say,

You're one in a million to me.

How do I say thanks, how do I repay,

What you've done for me, there's no fee.

I'll continue to watch, to learn and to play,

And one day I hope to greet.

This wonderful person who I've come to know,

Face to face… day we will meet.

♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you Tracy for being who you are…….thank you for sharing what you do…..thank you for encouraging and pushing like you do.  You have a gift and I’m ever so grateful you’ve listened to your heart and do and share what you do.  You are a blessing."

I returned home to a package with her beautiful art, card and note….


 So I don't always know what I am doing, where I am going or what this all leads to but…….maybe you don't always need to know and just wait to see how it unfolds.  For now, I made a small difference.  Thank you Yvonne for sharing yourself, your art, and more.  There are so many who are afraid to do that.  You are not one of them!

So as I get back in gear with life I keep on doing what I do and love.  You never know when it may make a difference……

"Within you there is a formidable and undeniable sense of purpose.  Happiness comes from making a solid and persistent connection to that purpose.  When your intentions are supported by a “why” that has meaning, you will find the “how” to bring them to life."