Tonight I had dinner with two friends, Tracy and Polly.  We go back over 6 years when we worked together to two special friendships in my life.  I always enjoy getting together with them and catching up.  There may be tons of stuff going on in our lives or just the same old thing but we manage to fill up a couple of hours.  Polly is a funny, strong and a dynamic woman.  Her humor gets me every time.  We have been known to chat at 2 am and talk about nothing at all yet still be laughing.  We have been sounding boards for work tips and cheerleaders to one another when we needed it.  I am happy to see the confidence that exudes from her and the wisdom she has to share. 

Tracy is warm and confident (although she does not see it that way).  As everyone knows I am an open book.  She however, is a closed book but when you open a page you just want to turn another one.  Put yourself out there girl!  I know you have things to put on a Life List, big or small.  Those things have a way of finding you.  Finding that great guy is a good example.  I have learned so much from so many who have entered my life and you two are no exception.  Buck532_2Thanks for letting me share my latest adventures and for a nice night out.

P.S.  TT tell Dave I am ready to take him on in bowling……with those bumper guards I am unstoppable.  Plus my Fred Flintstone approach is unforgettable.