Ok, when I had this idea to "teach" my "Do Something Creative Everyday" class I had a vision of what I wanted it to be like.  The word "teach" is not an appropriate term……more like "head up" or "organize" would be a better way to term it.  I wanted to bring like-minded creative souls together who share this thing called art with me.  Not everyone gets it but those I attract in my life do get me and understand this creative passion.  So I wanted the class to be small, intimate and I maxed out the size I wanted.  We had Class one last week and it was exactly as I had invisions, intimate time together creating and getting to know one another. 

As I would look up I would see everyone talking about their kids, hubbies, their hobbies and asking all sorts of questions while we create together.  It is self-paced and do it as you have time.  I know how busy everyone but I want to spark that creative match inside you to make that time for YOU! 

So Class One is recorded HERE:


Here is the Journal covers I created online:


and then to Page One.  I asked everyone if they wanted me to recreate the pages included in the idea pages or create on the fly and resoundingly every said create on the fly.  So that we did!  I so know what it is like to be intimidated by the white space of a page and not know where to begin or be afraid to commit to a color, idea or technique.  So we just flew with it and here is the page……

and here are just some of the pages you guys are sharing on the Flikr Group set up for this class.

Lillian Child's Journal Cover (check out her blog to see her beautiful work!): :

Journal Cover

and Lillian's first page:

journal 002

Journal Cover By Andy Watson: "I had so much fun creating the cover of the journal! I inked, shimmer misted, and embossed the butterfly. I did something different to all three flowers. 🙂 I couldn't use my charcoal pencil for the stems since my daughter and I picked these colors for the front. I love this ribbon, tho. I used india ink for the first time on the "Do something creative everyday" tag. 🙂 Totally loving the classes and kit! Thanks, Tracy……":


 and page one from Andy as well!:


and this cover by Cris Cunningham:

Journal Cover

Laurie Jean's Front Cover!:


What a completely inspiring time.  I have been over-whelmed by the emails, comments, tags, and posts on my Facebook page.  I "organized" like-minded souls to gather and do something that brings us all such great joy.  I did that.  It was just as I had envisioned……………for that I am grateful.

Our second class was Tuesday, March 20th and I will share that awesome class in a future post!


"If you want something in your life you've never had, you'll have to do something you've never done."