Doodling away and practicing some fun new techniques.  Practice, Practice, Practice!  Mixing it up between water colors, pens, markers and acrylic paints……


Playing with letters and using my own hand-writing!



Still practing with black pen…….


and am even taking the art to bed… nightstand has turned into my remote Studio! (and clink!)


Thanks Joanne Sharpe for creating a Doodle Monster!  It is relaxing, calming and a great way to end the day creatively. Just what I need.

"Be vulnerable.  Allow yourself to feel, to be open and authentic.  Tear down any emotional brick walls you have built around you and feel every unique emotion, both good and bad.  This is real life.  This is how you welcome new opportunities.  Vulnerability sounds like honesty and feels like courage.  Honesty and courage aren’t always the easiest choices, but they’re never the wrong ones."